In the final moments of DrupalCamp London I managed to get a few moments to video interview James Abrahams from Freely Give.

Freely Give is a digital agency specialising in native Drupal CRM and GDPR compliance. They work predominantly with charities and also a few corporate clients.

We first met at DrupalCamp Brighton 4 years ago and have bumped into eachother about once a year. It was a good opportunity to find out a little more about what he does for me too.

He’s working to make the GDPR module, which was started by Druid (Finland) in Drupal 7, ported…

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I recently finished working as a contract/freelance developer for a digital agency without in-house Drupal expertise working on their first Drupal project. We delivered a really cool website built really well with a great content editor experience.

I always recommend handling deployments using a CI tool (Continuous Integration) to automate things as it is more reliable as reduced human error due to automation. It’s also faster to deploy, and in case of any issues quicker to rollback. I recommend tools include Jenkins CI, GitLab CI or using Drupal cloud hosting companies that have their own CI built into their product…

Here are 15 websites built using Drupal 8 Commerce that I thought would be worth sharing to show some of the many types of store you can create. If there are any others you think deserve a mention, add a comment below and I’ll have a look.


The site consolidated 3 different systems catering to 3 different audiences (B2B, B2C & VIP) into a single Drupal 8 Commerce site.

The webshop is multilingual and set up with several stores, using…

I’ve known Ivo for a little over a year now, since I saw that he was organising the Drupal Business Days Frankfurt 2017 and I offered to assist with helping with marketing the event.

We initially met at DrupalCamp London 2017 at the CxO day (Business day), then in Frankfurt for the Business Days, and then at DrupalCon Vienna (leading to us collaborating on co-writing State of Drupal Business Report: Recap with Dominique & Nathan).

Now we’ve gone full circle and met again at DrupalCamp London where our journey began, I thought it would be nice to capture a video…

I first had the pleasure of meeting Chris when I bumped into him at DrupalCon Vienna back in September. He was fun to be around and I quickly found the combination of his friendliness and experiences of the Drupal community in the USA very intriguing.

Fast forward a few months and while working on my first Drupal encryption project, I found myself using his product for key management. His advice on Slack was extremely timely and more than helpful.

When I found out he was not only coming to DrupalCamp London, but that he would be giving a keynote talk, I was very excited.

In this video interview, I ask him about his experiences at the camp, his keynote, encryption, security & GDPR.

If you know me, you’ll know I’m no stranger to attending Drupal camps. In both 2014 and 2015 I went to 6, and in 2016 I went to 4. This year I went a whopping 7 camps and 1 DrupalCon.

Some people may think that’s crazy, but I see it as a freelancer, I see it as a valuable personal development / training time, in addition to being inspired. The community was a good excuse helping me to visit Ireland & Moldova for the first time (DrupalCamp Dublin & MoldCamp).

One of the great things about travelling to a Drupal…

Photo credit : Drupal Moldova Association

This weekend I had the pleasure of giving my first keynote talk at a Drupal camp. The event was MoldCamp, in Chisinau which is in Moldova. It was such an honour to be present for the first of what will be many international editions of the camp. The camp had been held before in 2014 and 2015.

It all started on Thursday night when I arrived directly from the airport to a lovely dinner with the event organisers (Drupal Moldova Association) and sponsors (Adyax & FFW).

In April 2017, Drupal, WordPress & Joomla community leads from across the UK came together to organise one of the world’s first Open Source Sprints. It was organised by Robert Castelo from Drupal, Jenny Wong from WordPress & Brian Teeman from Joomla.

We had approximately 20 people attend on the Saturday & Sunday. The event was held at Happy Computers, an organisation that delivers IT training to a range of audiences. Robert and myself are very familiar with the venue as we have trained Drupal apprentices here since 2014.

Thanks to our sponsors Code Positive, Site Ground & Rochen…

At DrupalCon Vienna I had the pleasure of meeting Greg Anderson & Ryan Aslett. Greg is a Open Source Contributions Engineer at Pantheon & Ryan is the Testbots/Composer/QA/Infra Engineer at the Drupal Association. The main DrupalCon had finished the previous day, but as there were still a few people around, they had organised a hotel lobby sprint along with Joël Pittet.

They’d asked me to feedback my experiences as a sitebuilder updating Drupal 8 websites and I mentioned that I was using Composer, but also knew that I was working much like a developer would than other sitebuilders that may…

Group photo of the attendees of MoldCamp 2015

Anya Abchiche is Project Manager working for the Drupal Moldova Association. We first started speaking virtually after I submitted sessions for MoldCamp, the next DrupalCamp in Moldova which will take place 14–15 October 2017. I was glad to finally meet her in real life at DrupalCon Vienna last week, it was great fun.

Here she is with her colleagues finalising the agenda / schedule for this year’s MoldCamp.

Watch the video to find out more about her, Drupal in Moldova, the camps, Global Training Days and her experiences at DrupalCon Vienna.

Chandeep Khosa

Freelance #Drupal 8 & Front End Developer | #Drupal8 Core contributor | Organiser @DrupalWLondon

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