A Simple Yet Effective Facebook Boosting Strategy

There are a literal TON of ideas and strategies available on how to market and how to do it in the most effective way.

Something I’ve learned as I’ve built campaigns and worked on and designed strategies around different businesses is that it’s most often the simple things that work very well and it’s the long term strategies that win in the end.

Especially for local businesses.

If you want to grow your business and your brand you need to get it in front of as many people as possible and in the most efficient and cost effective way.

The best way right now to get in front of people is to get on their phones where they have their faces inserted in all the time. One of the best ways to do this right now is to utilize a boosting strategy for brand awareness on Facebook.

This strategy is designed to put your brand in front of people on a consistent basis and at the lowest cost possible for a local business. This is assuming you always have a solid content calendar put together and that your are actually executing on that calendar.

The boosting strategy revolves around putting about $5-$10 into each of your posts that you put out. This does a couple of things 1) it builds your website audiences and video audiences that you can pull from later on to create new lookalike audience and 2) it puts your brand in front of people from the same audience on a consistent basis.

I recommend using a website or email list custom audience and making a lookalike audience from that as they tend to work the best, but using the people who like your page and their friends will work well if you don’t know how to create lookalikes or if you don’t have a large enough email list or website following from your Facebook pixel.

If you’re in front of someone all the time with content designed to build a relationship and tell a story, you are there when they need you to answer question or when they see you put out a call to action at the end of the month they are much more inclined to come in and see you. As they have already been consuming your content for some time and will trust your brand over others.

If you do this and do it consistently for a few months you will notice an uptick in the traffic into your business and a much larger social blueprint from that. But the biggest thing you have to do is be CONSISTENT! Everyone starts something like this and falls off the wagon due to not being able to produce the content or not seeing immediate results.

Last you can go into your business manager and invite all the people who liked your post to like your page. Thereby building up your page audience on top of what the boosting gave you.

This really comes down to building that relationship with the people who follow your page and working to develop a sense of trust with them.

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