Changelly Is Integrated into Syscoin Blockmarket

Changelly’s API is integrated into Blockchain Foundry’s decentralized marketplace, Blockmarket Desktop 1.2, to provide instant and frictionless exchange for a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Foundry launches the latest update of Blockmarket Desktop with Changelly onboard. Blockmarket Desktop is a p2p marketplace that works similarly to Ebay. It comprises a shoppers’ catalogue with a range of categories and rating system for sellers. Unlike Ebay or Amazon, Blockmarket Desktop uses decentralization which eliminates downtime issues, middlemen and service outages. However, the functional of the marketplace goes far beyond buying and selling goods. Users can store, send and receive Syscoin in a wallet and use a built-in encrypted messenger. Blockmarket Desktop represents an all-in-one desktop application available for both Windows and MacOS.

How it works with Changelly

Being integrated right into the interface of Blockmarket, Changelly’s API is acting as in-wallet exchange that enables users to convert cryptocurrencies they have into Syscoin.

Users can convert any of the supported on Changelly cryptos through the Funding Manager built in Blockmarket Desktop 1.2. It is a scalable widget allowing to fund Blockmarket with Syscoin without using external services.

The exchange is made in several simple steps:

  • Select one of the 90+ cryptos to be converted into SYS;
  • Specify the amount;
  • Select Changelly as a provider;
  • Specify the account on Blockmarket Desktop;
  • Send coins to the address provided.

Konstantin Gladych, CEO Changelly:

“Changelly team is thrilled to be engaged in Syscoin Blockmarket! We believe that decentralized marketplaces will disrupt traditional ways of interaction between buyers and sellers and replace outdated work principles with quick, safe and transparent solutions.”

Changelly works along with another exchange integrated as well and provides more payment options for customers. By integrating Changelly’s API, Blockchain Foundry aims to broaden the audience of its project and enhance the user experience.

Dan Wasyluk, CEO Blockchain Foundry:

Blockchain Foundry is excited to integrate Changelly into our decentralized marketplace product Blockmarket. Blockmarket is built on the Syscoin infrastructure and enables decentralized commerce and identity management on the blockchain. The ability to easily convert any of Changelly’s supported currencies to Syscoin greatly increases the ease of use and accessibility of Blockmarket’s decentralized marketplace.

About Blockchain Foundry

Blockchain Foundry is well-known as a developer of Syscoin, a revolutionary cryptocurrency providing zero-cost transactions and infrastructure for a range of businesses and supporting different marketplaces, including decentralized ones. Blockchain Foundry products aim to leverage the full potential of blockchain technologies and disrupt markets by providing safe and provable solutions.

About Changelly

Changelly is an instant cryptocurrency exchange that rapidly gained prominence among 1,5M users. Currently, the service processes more than 15K transactions daily with a monthly turnover of around 60K BTC.

Aiming to lower entry barriers for mass adoption of digital money, Changelly offers its API and a customizable payment widget for any crypto service that wishes to attract more audience and provide users with wide payment options. Changelly is partnered with Jaxx, Coinmarketcap, Mycelium, Coinpayments, Coinomi, and other prominent companies.

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