How to exchange Dentacoin on Changelly

We are always looking for new promising coins to be listed on Changelly. One of the latest additions to our service is Dentacoin. And here is a step-by-step guide on how to buy Dentacoin on Changelly.

About Dentacoin

Dentacoin is the first blockchain solution designed to serve the needs of the global dental industry. It aims at improving dental care and making it affordable through bringing all market participants into co-working communities by developing numerous smart Blockchain-based solutions and using a common industry-specific currency (Dentacoin, DCN).

Users can earn Dentacoin (DCN) through all tools as a part of the currency distribution mechanism and use it to pay for dental services at partner clinics, store it or exchange it to other currencies.

How to exchange DCN

1. On our website, choose which coins you want to exchange: the input coin on the left and DCN on the right. Enter the amount you want to exchange.

2. Check the information. You can make changes here, if needed, and proceed to the next step.

3. Enter your DCN wallet address.

4. Please check all the information once again. Note that the amount in ‘You get’ is estimated which means it remains volatile during the exchange process. Click “Confirm and make payment” only in case you agree with it.

5. Send your coins to the address below in one transaction. To do it, copy the address or scan the QR-code with your wallet app.

6. Go to your wallet, enter the amount and paste our address.

7. Now wait.

8. Once the transaction is finished, please check your DCN wallet. The coins are there already!

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