So this is my first time posting anything so yeah. Anyway, I want to write a new short story but I’d like some feedback before I just jump right into it. So I thought, ‘why not not post it here.?’ So here I am. The first passage is the story description. Following that is the first chapter. If you do read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.!

Story Title:

The Trick To Finding Love.

*This is a story plot I got from Collin Keys and I don’t take credit for the plot. I just want to write a story similar to it that follows my ideas*

Steven is a magician that travels across the country putting on magic shows for large crowds. Everywhere he goes people always ask for magic tricks and he's happy to oblige. He travels with his best friend Tyler, who has been with Steven since the start of his magical career.

One night Steven finds himself falling in love with a volunteer that he calls up for a specific magic trick. After almost kissing on stage, Steven feels like she's the one. The girl for him. But after the show she's gone.

Steven isn't one to give up, so he travels across the country, searching for the girl of his dreams. Finding clues left by the mysterious girl, he keeps on getting closer. The only thing that messes up Stevens plans is something he never expected. Love.

Tyler is deeply in love with Steven and has been for as long as he can remember. He has to help his best friend, his crush, find a girl that Steven has fallen head over heels with. But he'll indure the pain in his chest to make Steven happen because that's all he ever wanted.

A trip that will push love to the limits and blur the line between friends and lovers. This trip will truly be a magical one..

Chapter 1:

The sun is setting on the horizon of California. The crowd around the beach is insane. People are gathered around, cheers filling the air and music coming from the speakers on stage.

The lights on the stage flash from green to blue to red. It's a mesmerizing sight and on stage is someone a lot of people found mesmerizing. His name is Steven Collins. He's one of the best magicians out there and after gaining fame from his performance on television, his career exploded, gaining interviews and getting performance offers.

"Alright guys, I have one last trick to show for tonight.! And I know you will all love this one.!"

The crowd cheers for Steven. The music continues to play and people start to subconsciously move to its rhythm. Steven walks to the center of the stage where everyone out on the beach can see him.

"Tonight was amazing. I had a great time and I can't believe I got the chance to meet all of you.!" His voice spreads across the audience from the speakers and everyone cheers.

"L.A. has been amazing and so, for my last trick I just want to say," he unzips his jacket and everyone waits in excitement. " I love Cali.!"

Steven opens his jacket and doves pour out of his jacket, flying out into the crowd. The crowd cheers at the sight of the beautiful birds flying out and circling them. It's a sight to behold. Once the doves are dispersed the audience notices what has happened. Stevens jacket is the only thing left on stage.

The crowd cheers at the performance. The music gets louder and soon everyone at the beach is dancing and cheering.

Back stage, Steven laughs, glad everyone enjoyed the show. His best friend, Tyler, walks up to him and gives him a hug.

"Congrats bro.! The crowd loves you."

"Thanks," responds Steven. Tyler walks up to one of the staff and asks for a bottle of water. The staff member walks off to retrieve one and Tyler walks back to Steven.

"So do you know what you're doing next.? Cause we have to leave tonight. Your mom expects you home before Christmas."

Steven grins. His mother has always been over protective, even after he left home to live on his own.

"We'll be back in time, I swear. But I think we're going to go hit up Miami next. I've been dying to perform there. I hear the people there get crazy."

They both laugh at Stevens comment. As they talk, the staff member walks up to them and gives Tyler the bottle of water. Tyler opens it and drinks the cool liquid. He closes it and the both of them start to leave the loud and wild party going on.

They leave the stage and walk to Stevens car, which is parked on the side of the beach. They get in and Steven starts the car, turning on the radio so the soft music would fill the empty vehicle.

"Do you want to eat something before we go back to the hotel," Steven asks Tyler.

Tyler nods and Steven heads through the brightly lit streets of L.A, finding a McDonald's for them to stop at.

Tyler watches Steven as he pulls up behind car waiting in the drive-thru line. The lights of the outside shine perfectly through the window, catching Stevens strong features. Tyler swallows the lump in his throat as he continues to look at Steven.

His heart speeds up and he feels like the atmosphere around him is getting hotter.

Steven has always been an attractive guy. Light green eyes that almost looked like a freshly cut lawn. His skin slightly tanned from all the sun exposure, which only complimented his soft skin. His hair was always combed up and slightly spiked, sort of like a quiff. He was lean with a bit of muscle on his body, enough so that he looked fit.

Tyler didn't know how it happened. How he fell head over heels for his best friend. Every time he tried to think back to a day when he never felt like this, he couldn't find a single memory. Sometimes he thought he just fell in love since the day they met.

Steven didn't even know Tyler liked guys. Both of them never really shared their relationships so Steven never found out that his best friend was gay.

Tyler only dated one guy and that was because he thought dating him would make him forget about Steven. That plan obviously failed.


Tyler snaps out of his trance. "What," he responds back.

"Why are you looking at me like that.? Do I have something on my face" questions Steven, looking at himself through the rear view mirror.

"No," responds Tyler. "You're just ugly, that's all."

Steven rolls his eyes and laughs. Tyler knew that wasn't true but there is no way he's telling Steven he was actually checking him out.

"I ordered your meal so I hope that's fine."

Tyler nods and Steven pulls up to the window, receiving the bag of food and a few excited cheers from the women inside. He was definitely a womanizer.

The drive back to the hotel is quiet. The only sounds in the car are the soft melodies of the radio and the low humming of the car motor. The hotel was only five minutes from the McDonald's so they make it there in no time.

Once they are parked they headed inside, getting greeted by the staff members of the hotel. They walk to the elevator and rise to their floor of the hotel.

The ride up is silent as well. In the back of Stevens head he felt like there was something going on with Tyler. He was usually loud and child like, never ceasing to talk. That's why he was his best friend. He never felt bored with Tyler around. But now he was just standing quietly next to him, his mind seeming to be anywhere else but here.

The elevator doors open and Tyler steps out first, walking straight to their room, only to realize that the door is locked. Tyler turns and sees Steven walking up. He removes the keys from his means and unlocks the door, letting Tyler in.

"You know, just a few minutes ago you were so excited and now you're awfully quiet. What's wrong.?"

Steven turns to look at Tyler but Tyler still doesn't respond. "Seriously dude. Whats wrong.?"

"It's nothing. I just really don't want want to leave California. It's kind of amazing," lies Tyler.

Steven doesn't even notice how easily the lie came from Tyler's mouth. "Don't worry. You'll be back. Trust me, I want to come back too."

Tyler opens his bag of McDonald's and pulls out the fries, putting one in his mouth and letting the flavor fill his mouth.

"I'm going to shower."

Steven grabs some clothes from his bag near the bed and then walks into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Tyler sighs, putting the fries back into the bag.

"Stupid human emotions. Why isn't there an off switch for this sort of thing.?"

Tyler thinks back to when he first joined Steven. It's was a Saturday night and Tyler had just gotten home from school. He wasn't expecting Steven to be home but as soon as he walked in he was tackled by the tall idiot.

"What the hell.?! You scarred the shit out of me.!"

Steven just laughed and stood up, lifting Tyler with him.

"What are you doing here.? I thought you weren't coming back till next week. Weren't you at some compitition.?"

Tyler went further into the house and set his bag on the couch and sat, Steven sitting next him.

"I got an opportunity to perform."

Tyler raised an eyebrow. "What.?"

"A company called me and they want to sponsor me so I can preform. Across the country.!"

Tyler's eyes widen. "Congradulations.!" They shared a hug and after that, Tyler left home and joined Steven on his travels.

"You know, if I had a camera, I'd take a picture of you right now. You look so pensive."

Tyler is a little startled in hearing Steven's voice. Steven chuckles.

"Hurry up and shower. We have to pack tonight so we can take a flight to Florida."

Tyler grabs his suitcase from under thr bed and opens it, removing the clothing he's going to wear. He closes his suitcase and stands up, heading to the bathroom.

He closes the door and starts the shower. He removes his clothes and steps into the warm stream. As the water washes away his ease he keeps seeing Steven's face in his head. No matter what he does, he can't shake his image away.

"When the hell did all of this get complicated."

I’d appreciate the feedback.!

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