NBA-focused YouTube Channels Take the 2018 Playoffs to the Next Level

Apr 17, 2018 · 2 min read

The 2018 NBA Playoffs are underway, and fans are tuning in to a rich variety of YouTube channels to get their fix of the action.

There’s the game itself of course, but oh so much more. YouTube creators who are veritable stars of the NBA scene in their own right boast content that puts a spin on all angles of the NBA. We’re talking video highlights footage, interesting plays, comic voiceovers, and even NBA-themed esports game streaming.

ChannelMeter has generated this breakdown of the top 10 NBA-focused YouTube Channels:

Top NBA-focused YouTube Channels
  1. The official NBA YouTube channel has over 8.8 million subscribers. Here is a featured video of some top plays from the first round.

2. With over 4 million subscribers, Chrissmoove is the channel of famous creator and gamer Smoove. Here is some of his selected footage from the first round in a video titled “Pelicans Steal Game 1!”

3. QJB brings a big personality to his NBA Channel, and has a subscriber base of 1.5 million. Check out his 2K18 video “MVP Award Presentation Before Playoff Game 1.”

4. From customized sneakers to comic memes and interviews, the channel Jesser has something for every one of its 1.5 million subscribers.

5. Ballislife has 1.3 million subscribers, and combines emerging talent with high quality mixtapes and footage.

6. YouTube channel LostNUnbound brings a personality that 1.3 million subscribers like a serve of with their NBA.

7. “If you like NBA, you will like this channel” Mike Korzemba claims on his YouTube channel. 1.2 million subscribers agree.

8. Gento is a channel that brings passion for NBA to game streaming. The channel has over 1 million subscribers.

9. Over 13 thousand people have already watched this Gregg Popovich interview on the YouTube channel MLG Highlights, with over 800 thousand subscribers.

10. The channel FreeDawkins presents expertly selected plays and highlights that are enjoyed by over 600 thousand subscribers.

Apart from the official NBA channel, all of the top channels are run by creators and influencers who use online social video to operate. If the future of sports commentary is online via platforms like YouTube, then the future is now!

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