5 Ways To Refresh Selling In Amazon

The ways of Amazon is perpetually drifting towards the better and sellers are expected to stay in tune with the improvements. For those who are experiencing some degree of stagnation in their business in Amazon, here are 5 very quick and easy ways to remove the rust…

  • Re-determine market suitability of products — if your products are not fetching as many hits as you may have expected, it may be because your products are not catering to any interest of the buyers. This is therefore, the best time to re-determine whether your products are market fit at all or have lost their worth completely. This should be followed by removing the non functional listing for good.
  • Use Amazon fee calculators revenue calculators if not already — If your math is not good, you may end up losing your profits to Amazon fees. However, this situation can be reversed with the help of Amazon fee calculating tools. These tools can offer very accurate figures of how much profits you will make on a certain product at a certain list price after paying all Amazon dues. If the deal looks less profitable, you can reprice your products at a more profitable level.
  • Update your seller softwares — Amazon seller softwares as well as seller softwares for eBay and other top performing platforms are being infused with better and more potent seller friendly features. If you have been using an age old version, please look for a newer option immediately.
  • Optimize your feed — Besides using the best of Amazon and eBay seller softwares, you will have to focus on optimizing and customizing your product feed (where applicable). Many performance based softwares are available for the purpose at affordable prices which can be approached for good results.
Push pedals in Social media to drive traffic to Amazon / eBay store — Lastly, revise your social media approach to drive traffic to your store. Publishing content that can invite attention and generate good reviews is the key to unlocking doors of success.