Even with all the ease and flexibility, using Amazon seller central comes with challenges

Amazon offers two types of interface to the merchants to sell their items on this premier retail website-

o Amazon Vendor Central (You’re considered as a third-party seller) ; and

o Amazon Seller Central (You are considered as the manufacturer and supplier)

Although each of them comes with their own features, many merchants, off both the centrals, often root for Amazon Seller; and so should you. There are a range of reasons.

Three reasons why you should go with Seller Central

o You need an invitation to use Vendor Central, while Seller Central can be used by anyone.

o You get to set the price of product on Seller Central; Amazon sets the price on Vendor Central.

o Payment on Seller Central is comparatively quicker.

But even with all the ease and flexibility that Amazon Seller Central offers, making the best use of it comes with various challenges; challenges that can pull down your chances of getting better ranking on Amazon, well as search engines, and hence slow your sales.

What are the challenges?

We’ve all heard those fairy tale success stories where people went on to sell on Amazon, took the marketplace with storm, made record sales and today they are living in big bungalows and riding BMWs. We’re not going to counter that story, but state the fact- it’s not all that easy, unless you’re using good Amazon Seller Central Software. Here are some of the challenges-

Amazon listing services comes with many terms and regulations, violation of which can get your privileges cancelled.

> Amazon offers different interface for buyers of different countries (domains with country specific TLDs). If you’re selling globally, you have to be perceptive of this factor and adapt to different strategies.

> Multi channel selling and multi channel marketing can become very hefty. You have to go to different marketplaces and webstores to manually handle everything.

> Tracking and keeping up with the real time purchases and inventory updates is very tedious and tough.

> Conducting A/B testing is very difficult.

> Handling all the juggernauts of shipping, especially if you’re using any third-party and not FBA, is tiresome.

All these challenges can affect your products’ visibility and constrict your sales. The sweet and simple solution to this is using any top Amazon seller Software.

These software and service providers offer a range of services to level down all your stress; from products setup to feed management and multiple channel integration to inventory management. So, with all the fits these software offers to Amazon seller central merchants, it only makes sense to use them; unless you care less about your products’ sales and visibility, as well as about your time.

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