Less effort, higher sales- 4 things success online sellers know and you don’t

Tanning on the beach of Rio de Janeiro, camping in picturesque surrounding of Lake Tekapo and partying in the crowd of Las Vegas — with Instagram edifying it well, successful online sellers do enjoy a life that rest only dream of. They know how to make the most of their leisure time.

The question many raises though, how do these top sellers make so much of time to even rest, let alone holidaying in exotic location round the year? A question that new sellers often ask!

Handling multiple storefronts is stressful

There’s a lot at the backend of online stores that needs to be taken care of; from product listing and feed optimization to real-time inventory management and order fulfillment to profitability management and more. The tasks (and stress) multiply if there are many storefronts on various platforms. This leaves very less time to spare for other activities.

So how do top online sellers make time to really “enjoy” their lives and still manage to keep their sales high?

Less effort, more sales

There are ways that ensure sales remains high even with less effort; ways that top sellers know and use — and you don’t.

Using multi-channel e-commerce solution-

Top multi-channel e-commerce software solutions has emerged to be the messiah for online sellers who sale on various platforms. With a centralized platform that offers seamless integration between marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines — including Shopify Amazon and eBay Amazon integration — handling all the backend tasks gets much easy and quick like real-time inventory management, product listing and order fulfillment. This helps successful online sellers save plenty of their time for other things.

Making informed decisions-

Top online sellers make sure there’s less room for ‘hit and miss’ instances in their selling strategy. They make informed decisions by analyzing the available marketing and sales database. Whether a change in needed in the Amazon store or new things should be tried in social media marketing, they make changes assured that it will yield better outcome.

Limiting the number of storefronts-

More number of storefronts, higher will be the chance of making more sales. However, more stores, higher would be the stress even with a good multi-channel e-commerce software solution. So top online sellers limit the number of channels they sell on. Even when they are on many other platforms, they focus on only the top marketplaces and important channels.

Outsourcing professional help-

Everyone needs help — even the successful online sellers. They don’t shy away from going for professional help. From outsourcing additional help to opting for managed services of top e-commerce software solution, they know when taking help from a 3rd party is a better and efficient idea.

These are 4 things that top online sellers know and you don’t; 4 ways that help them make more sales even with less effort. Now you know, follow in the same footsteps and make time to go on vacations and enjoy your life without seeing a sink in your sales.

Good Luck!

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