These Reasons Make eBay Sellers Happier Than Amazon Sellers

There are pros and cons of selling in all marketplaces and not many sellers would deny this fact. However, there are certain platforms that are more compatible with sellers than others making them more attractive to the latter in many different ways. Take eBay and Amazon for example. These are presently the two top marketplaces that are ruling the world of ecommerce but are known for having very different flavors as far as nature of buyers and nature of selling is concerned. In fact, to say that eBay sellers have more reasons to be happy about in comparison with their Amazon counterparts will not be wrong at all.

This is mainly because of one very impactful reason that is eBay allows its sellers a platform to promote themselves. Say for example, when buyers click on a certain product they are looking for, they will also come across a very impactful introduction of the sellers around the page. If the buyers are happy with their purchase, they can choose to buy from the same sellers than depend upon eBay search engines to find a good match every time they visit the marketplace. So, sellers in eBay can not only fall back upon eBay search ranking based on product optimization but also on the way they present themselves. Basically, it is a two way opportunity for the sellers.

Amazon sellers on the other hand are wholly and solely dependent upon optimized listings that may or may not have their products feature on the top ranks of search results. Here, the sellers are not given a platform to present themselves visibly to buyers. Buyers in Amazon need to feel that it is Amazon that is selling the products and not individual sellers. Sometimes, sellers in Amazon wish they could experience the same range of opportunities as the sellers in eBay do. However, considering the nature of Amazon, this change may take decades to take effect.

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