What successful online sellers do before going to bed?

Successful online sellers are ‘successful’ not because they know any secret but because, over the course, they have formed some habits that set them apart from the rest. Habits, that keeps them disciplined and on track to their business goals.

So if you’re a new online vendor who’s wondering how come successful people in your niche manage to pull all the chords so perfectly, the answer is HABIT. They do things — consistently — that others don’t.

Here are5 important things that successful online sellers do before going to bed every night — things that reward them with higher revenue-

1. They reply to (most of) the reviews and emails

Replying to emails and reviews of the customers and potential buyers has a range of merits. Aside boosting the immediate sales, it also builds a relationship between seller and the buyer, which helps in customer retention. Successful vendors understand this well. Before hitting their bed, they make sure to write back to people (at least to most of them) — thanking them and addressing their issues personally.

2. They automate less-important activities

It’s no secret that top online sellers rely on e-commerce solution and automation tools. Instead of manually handling all the backend tasks of their various storefronts, they manage to save their time by automating some of their less-important activities every night.

3. They do inventory audit

Inventory management is one of the biggest challenges for the multi-channel online sellers; overselling is a very common occurrence. While they use multi-channel inventory management platforms that makes keeping track of stock in real time rather easy, the successful vendors still do inventory audit every day before going to bed to avoid any confusion and uncertainty.

4. They track their sales performance

Tracking sales performance everyday and making changes in the overall strategies, regularly and accordingly, is important. Top online sellers gather and analyze the data every day to understand where exactly is their business steering. Of course, their task gets much easier with e-commerce solution that provides regular calculus report to keep track of every important metric easily.

5. They set goals for the next day

Successful online sellers always get a head-start of their day because they know exactly what they are going to do today. They map a decent (and realistic) plan for the next day every night and set small goals to ensure they are moving forward with definite strides.

These are 5 important things that top online sellers do before going to bed every night that rewards them with higher and consistent revenue.

You too can take up these high-return habits; but, of course, it’s going to take some time. First task at hand? Look for a good multi-channel e-commerce software solution that provides seamless integration of marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines; solution that sync-up Shopify to Amazon and makes API Walmart integration easier. These software solutions can help you save time, right from automating some digital activities to helping you handle other tasks, easily and quickly, from a centralized platform.

Good Luck!