The Ugliest Place in the Netherlands

I know that the title is not really appealing. But Almere actually got voted as the ugliest place in the Netherlands in 2008. I mean wouldn’t it be great to say to your friend “Hey I travelled to the Netherlands and I went to the ugliest place there!”. Yeah okay, it won’t. But that was in 2008 and a lot can happen in 9 years, right?
In my opinion, before you can decide if a place is worth a visit, you need to have some background information. So, let me tell you a bit more about that beautiful ugly place!

A question you might have is “Where is Almere located”. Have you ever seen a map of the Netherlands? No? then find yourself a map of the Netherlands…..

Found one?

So, do you see that little island thingy in the middle? Well, that’s Flevoland, this is a province. Almere is located on the bottom left of that little island. 
And as you can see, it is pretty close to Amsterdam. Actually it is 20 minutes by intercity. This is a direct train. Those are the best trains cause they don’t stop at all of the stations. A sprinter on the other hand does stop in (almost) all the stations that are on its way. It’s more like a fast bus. 
So, if you are in Almere and want to go to Amsterdam, take it from the local, take the intercity. 
But let’s get back to the background info about Almere.
Okay so you have seen the island and now you know where Almere is located. Oh uhm, in case you are wondering: yes, Flevoland is a separate island but we still pay with the Euro and speak Dutch! No worries if your Dutch is a bit rusty. Most of the people here can speak English.

Almere has 200,000 inhabitants, it is quite a big city. You might think different but for Dutch standards it really is. No really, I am not joking, I mean we also think driving 100 KM is really really far.
To prove that we are a big city:
Amsterdam has 11 train stations. Quite a lot right? I mean for the capital city of the Netherlands.
Well the ugliest place in the Netherlands has 6 stations.
I can name them all for you but that’s really boring. So if you want to know, just google it. Or better idea! Visit Almere!

The main centre of Almere is called Almere Stad or Almere Centrum. This is where the main shopping centre is located. They have all kinds of stores, just to mention a few:

  • Primark (I mention Primark first because ever since that store opened, you can find people with Primark-bags everywhere in the city centre, and I literally mean everywhere!
  • An Icentre
  • Media Markt
  • Kiko cosmetics
  • MAC cosmetics (well to be completely honest, this store is still under construction. But it is coming!)
  • Douglas
  • Ici Paris XL

But they do not only have these girly stores, The city centre has a whole variety of stores to offer you.

And not just the city centre has a lot to offer, also the rest of Almere has some amazing things!

In Almere you can:

  • Go water skiing
  • Fly boarding
  • Swim
  • Go Bowling
  • See a movie in the movie theatre
  • Visit Nature, have you seen the movie “the Wilderness”? This movie is shot in a nature park really close to Almere
  • And much more. Cause as they say in Dutch “Het kan in Almere”. This means : Everything is possible in Almere.

Sounds great right, for the ugliest place! ;)

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