I’m struggling today.

That is exactly the same feeling of a friend of mine after he came back from an assignment from Geneva. Those tall glass building, people in neat suits with expensive coffee…. We used to work for the ILO in the garment industry and he was a very talented IT & Communication Officer. After studying his master degree in International Development, he became a regional consultant and that was when he was sent to Geneva for some work. He later told me he was resigning. The decision was easy for him but very weird for his family and friends to understand why a young guy with such achievement with high pay is resigning to do something so uncertain and different. Simply he wanted to be in touch with people at the grassroot level and therefore he now has found Sa Sa Basac art space and is still running arts projects. The work with the community at the White Building is one of his too. I am so proud to be one of his colleagues and friends. :)