For This Republican, Never Trump Means “I’m With Her”
Caroline McCain

Am I really the ONLY ONE who is not impressed by this?

In July 2015 Ms. McCain decides she isn’t going to vote for Trump after he personally insults her family. Today, a year later, she reluctantly endorses the only sane alternative after it looks like he might actually become president. Congratulations, you get the “Basic Human Decency” award.

Mr. Trump is the wolf that your party, the GOP, raised and nurtured. When he wasn’t expected to actually win the nomination, Republican elders were happy enough with the vitality and engagement that his rhetoric brought to the debates. When his rhetoric started winning him votes, other GOP candidates shamefully adjusted their language to try and capture some of his popularity.

I would never say that Republicans as a whole are racist, sexist, or hateful — but Ms. McCain, you should face the fact that if you ARE racist, sexist, or hateful in America, there is only one party for you. Trump’s not-so-thinly-veiled racism and sexism resonates with people precisely because the GOP has for decades catered to these themes in a cynical strategy to retain the support of a valuable part of the electorate driven by ignorance and fear.

If you want to do something that will actually matter, do this: post a picture of you burning your GOP membership card, and encourage other young, smart Republicans to do the same. With your pedigree, I guarantee that image will reach the GOP elders and will inspire real fear and change. (You don’t need to become a Democrat — you can, like many of us, register as Independent.) The Republican Party has not yet paid any real price for creating this monster. It should.

You seem like a good, decent person — but renouncing Donald Trump at this stage in the process demands no real sacrifice and no real moral courage. He’s the candidate that your party created, endorsed, and (now) funded, and a little last-minute regret isn’t enough to make up for it. Publicly renouncing the Party that raised you, and encouraging others to do so, would. You (and your grandfather) have more influence with the GOP electorate than anyone on the left — and so, if you want to help, use that influence. The fate of this election may in fact be in your hands, not ours.