Suicide, Heaven, and Messengers

February 16 at 6:04pm ·

A very good friend of mine told me that she was told that the Bible says those who commit suicide do not go to heaven; she was deceived to my way of thinking, and here is my response to what she was deceitfully told:

Which is worse? Committing suicide, or failing to steer someone away from suicide when given the opportunity.

People commit suicide because they have lost all hope, they literally believe the world would be better without them, and they cannot take the pain or depression any longer.

When God presents one of these tortured to someone to lead back to the path of life with hope; and one does not lead; what excuse makes it ok to not do so?

Which do you believe God will deny his love and mercy to; one who has lost all hope, or one who has refused to deliver the hope he has sent to that person who has lost all hope?

God is not a vengeful God, He is a merciful, and loving God; That is what it says in the Bible. The Bible was not given to be a burden or a punishment; it was given to guide us into his light, love, mercy, and life.

I believe those who commit suicide will enter his kingdom; it is those who were given a message of hope to deliver to them but did not deliver that message who will be told to depart.

Read the Bible with the eyesight and vision of love; not through the filter of religion or law. Forget what you were told the Bible says; read it yourself and find out what it truly says. It does not say what you have been told.

Forget what others told you, ignore what I am telling you; open the Bible and read it and see what it says to you. Ask Him to reveal His truth to you; He will do so.

People do not commit suicide because they are sinners, nor are they barred from the kingdom for doing so. People commit suicide because God sent them hope through someone else in answer to their prayers for hope, and the messenger failed or refused to deliver that message. The person responsible for that loss of life is not the one who gave up that life, but the one who did not deliver the needed message of hope.

What we have been given is not ours to keep; it was presented to us to deliver to someone else. It is someone else’s reward, hope, future.

Our reward is much greater and is to be given later once we have delivered what we have been entrusted with. If we fail to deliver the gift or message; we not only cheat our self of a greater reward; we cheat someone else out of Gods love, mercy; and maybe even their own life.

Has God given you a message or a gift to deliver????????

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