Introducing: Page Zero — a blockchain product fund by Chapter One

I am excited to announce Page Zero, a blockchain product fund created by Chapter One that will focus exclusively on blockchain assets.

Chapter One is a Product Fund. We like to get in the trenches with entrepreneurs we invest in and help solve product problems together. That’s how we add value and compete with larger funds.

As an extension of this approach, Page Zero will help blockchain teams who need real product help.

As I’ve spent more time investing in crypto assets, I’ve realized that a product focused fund is very much needed in our ecosystem right now.

The blockchain ecosystem is full of amazing ideas, but most of the companies I speak with have very few (if any) product leaders on their teams. They need help developing ideas, prioritizing roadmaps, and recruiting product managers & designers.

As these blockchain companies raise more capital, public expectations have never been higher and many are skeptical that these projects will deliver on their product promises — we will see what happens.

Until then, crypto teams need help and I’m excited to be the fund that helps them grind on product and build amazing things.

Why Page Zero?

Page Zero as a fund name is a tribute to Zero-knowledge protocols, a concept that will help redefine online privacy through blockchain applications.

“Zero-knowledge protocols enable the transfer of assets across a distributed, peer-to-peer blockchain network with complete privacy.”

We live in a challenging time for internet applications. Trust between consumers and brands has never been so fragile.

Data breaches, online privacy, low trust in financial institutions, and fake news are digital epidemics that we must solve. Blockchain applications are the most logical way to make progress on these issues.

Luckily, I have found that many of the smartest thinkers I know are working in the blockchain space and tackling these issues.

I’ve already invested in bold projects including:

Compound Finance (money markets for crypto assets)
Ocean Protocol (decentralized data exchange)
The Picks & Shovels Co. (tools for investors and traders of crypto assets)

I am excited to announce several more deals soon.

To be clear, not everything that we create together needs to be serious. We can build fun things that consumers love.

One of my recent investments, CryptoKitties, is a blockchain game built with ERC721 non-fungible digital assets that allow you to safely store digital collectibles online.

Many more interesting DApps will be built in the near future and Page Zero will invest in those projects, too.

If you’re working on a blockchain project and are looking for an investor who can help you build products, I’d be excited to talk.

Jeff Morris Jr.
Chapter One Ventures: Page Zero Fund