The Dos and Don’ts of Mother of the Bride Accessories

A wedding isn’t just a big day in the life of a bride, it’s also a special occasion for the mother, and one where it’s very important for her to look and feel her best. Accessories are a must in setting off an outfit and completing the mother of the bride’s elegant, glamourous look. Its difficult knowing how much is too much when accessorising however, and what shoes will best complement the dress; it can even be more challenging than picking the outfit itself! If you’re a mother of a bride-to-be, you’ll also need to coordinate your accessories with many other factors, including the location and time of year that the wedding takes place. Never fear though, as these accessory and styling tips will help you dazzle as your daughter makes her way down the aisle.

Don’t over-accessorise

As it’s your daughter’s time to shine, it’s best to avoid overdoing it with lots of statement pieces which could be distracting and instead opt for a simple clutch, or classic and sophisticated jewellery. If you’re worried your outfit will be plain however, then a pretty statement necklace or colourful fascinator will really help to dress it up. It can be a challenge, but accessorising is about getting the right balance; your accessories should be significant enough to make an impact as the mother of the bride, yet not overpower and take away from your look for the occasion.

Do be guided by the wedding theme

What colours will form the main theme of the wedding and what is the formality of the occasion? If it’s a highly formal black tie event, traditional yet more opulent accessorising may be the way forward. For a more casual affair you may have more flexibility and can be fun with colours and styles. Whatever the style of the day, make sure it is suited to the dress code. Mothers of the bride often wear corsages that match the floral displays in the wedding party, so this could be a good starting point for selecting your outfit and accessories.

Don’t forget about the bride and bridesmaids

The mother of the bride outfit should complement the bridesmaids dresses, though be careful that your accessories won’t compete with the bride. Discuss with your daughter well in advance what you’re planning on wearing, so she can give suggestions, and you can better coordinate with her and her bridesmaids. This way everyone will be happy and well-accessorised on the big day.

Do bring an extra pair of shoes

Though you may want to look your best in beautiful high heeled shoes, these may not be the most wearable option, especially if you’ll be standing for long periods of time or dancing the night away. A top tip is to bring an extra pair of shoes for after the ceremony, and if possible try to make sure that both shoes are as comfortable as possible, so you can enjoy this special moment without being in pain the next day!

Don’t suffer from the elements

Even if the lucky couple are planning for a bright summer wedding, we all know the weather can be quite unpredictable, so it’s best always to be prepared! A light shawl or matching bolero will keep your outfit looking smart and suitable for the occasion. If it’s set to rain, a beautiful organza hat or larger fascinator will keep you covered and chic. On colder days, coordinated gloves can add colour and a touch of luxury to a simple outfit.

Do keep your personality in mind

Although you’ll need to be aware of what the bride wants for the wedding, how to suit the type of event and where it will be, most important is to make sure your overall outfit makes you feel confident and expresses who you are. It’s much better to feel comfortable with the accessories and shoes you’re wearing, as the day is a big moment for both you and your daughter that should be fondly remembered. If you’re not one for lavish statement pieces, you may feel a lot happier sticking to delicate and minimal jewellery, though if you love the freedom that accessorising can give to make a look stand out, then don’t feel too restricted by the formality of the event.

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