Tips for Choosing Mother of the Bride Dresses

The Mother of The Bride is a key figure in the wedding party. Traditionally, she would have been the host of your wedding reception and party, but as many brides and grooms prefer making their own unique financial arrangements nowadays, the role of the bride’s mother may be subtler but certainly no less important.

We’ve all seen the films where the Mother of the Bride is cast as the hyper, interfering, over the top character who takes control of all the wedding planning, but ask around and you’ll be hard pushed to find anyone who has actually experienced this!

There are many ways in which she can help in the overall organisation and planning of your wedding, but nothing is more important than the Mother of the Bride’s outfit. It needs to be elegant and tasteful and be in keeping with the overall theme and colour scheme of the wedding. The bride’s mother will most likely have helped her choose her wedding dress, so she will be well informed as to the colours and styles she needs to follow. Once she has selected her own outfit, tradition dictates that the Mother of the Bride will then call the groom’s mother to describe the outfit so that the two matriarchs do not clash on the big day.

Choosing A Dress For your Mum

You don’t want your mum to outshine you on your wedding day, but at the same time she is your Mum and the person who has probably be looking forward to your wedding day for the longest period of time. With all the help your Mum is going to give you in choosing your own bridal gown, you will want to return the favour and ensure she looks and feels amazing on your wedding day. Here are some top tips to help your Mum choose the perfect Mother of the Bride dress:

· Choose the outfit together — that way you know you will both like it and can ensure that the outfit adheres to the wedding party’s choice of colour and preferences in terms of neckline, hemline and pattern.

· Don’t be upstaged — remember that this is your day and if you don’t like something you need to speak now — your Mum will understand.

· Allow expression — this may be the only chance your Mum gets to take on the role of Mother of the Bride, so allowing her to express her own tastes in her choice of dress will help keep everyone happy at this stressful time. Nobody will want to see your Mum dressed in a dowdy, frumpy dress because she is afraid to express her own sense of fashion, so go with the outfit that flatters her figure, complements her skin tone and is suitable for the season in which you are getting married.

· Don’t forget to accessorise — it isn’t just a beautiful dress that you need to help your mother to choose, but also the right accessories to perfect and complement her outfit. Think about the style of shoes, jewellery and jacket or bolero that will accentuate her choice of dress but not look overdone next to your own gown.

How Charisma can help

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