Activist and author Charlene Carruthers shares how sitting with her grief allowed her to show up for others

“This loss was now a part of how I process the other losses happening around me.”

I knew something was wrong before my doctor confirmed that I had miscarried my first pregnancy.

For years, I imagined being a mother in a country where caring for Black children often meant increased vulnerability and violence. I spent many moments being anxious about Black maternal mortality rates, thinking through…

In a new anthology, the iconic writer reminds us liberation requires valuing all Black lives, not just those who mirror our own experiences

Black and white photo of Audre Lorde in 1983.

My first encounters with Audre Lorde were superficial. I read and heard her quoted across the internet and during speeches at protests. I saw words on everything from T-shirts to memes and poster boards. Then I read her work. I went deeper into her life as a mother, lover of…

Despite the all-too-real threat of maternal mortality, medical racism, and homophobia, I’m ready to be a Black, queer mom

WWhen I’m making a choice about my own body, I often feel as if there are five other people in the room. My decision to pursue motherhood as a thirtysomething Black queer woman has been no different. Trying to conceive means I have to negotiate reproductive, gender, racial, and economic…

Charlene Carruthers

Author, strategist and cultural worker

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