Entry 46 - pictures continue (Bowie Poems)

Modern suffragette in America. Your diamond soul is breaking glass.

A brief description. (with pictures!)

Bowie song titles

I wrote down song titles by David Bowie then cut each word from the page. The intent was to create poems with my voice, inspired by his words. The only adhesive I had on hand was fingernail polish, so that’s how the words were attached to the little pages.

cut up the page
separated words into piles. grouping similar content.
Young Americans. You pretty things! Dream fame away. Uncle Andy Warhol sold rebel soul.
Detroit blue. Dirty station. OH! I’m high on Stardust’n’Ziggy. The bitch is fantastic. Watch out! This cat knows suicide magic.
I’m a live oddity starman, (putting the rock and roll station to fire) I love the season of mars.
Moonage Janine and TVC15 Hermione. Lady love. Lady vision of goldmine beauty. I can’t buy time. (or space tonight) Good people across the street.
Let’s circle the Blackstar heart of a dancing universe.
That golden girl. Valentine’s velvet dream. She got me to give love everything.
Americans. (are crime) dudes. day age boys. young dogs be jean toys. china girl. dance. you are the star.
Eight dollar whore. Fill my world till next Tuesday. She’s a genie who loves the queen. I’d rather not come out of my daydream.
Criminal afraid of yourself. Love letter width wall. Now an occasional rebel. Life wife and sons all stardust quicksand. When the fashion changes. Life speed sound pressure. Mars? We kooks dance. Panic ’tis my secret fascination.
Voyage to the silent under world where heroes hang on a swinging line in the weeping wind. City of ashes. Lazarus is wild, grinning. God lost man to the beast. No pity was in the poem of ashes.
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