Entry 47 - pictures continue (Yeezus Poems)

Music Falls. Good Day. New Track. Real Skit. Send feedback Kanye. LA ultralight jungle. Wire in gold skinhead Pinocchio. Graduation day business slaves. Otis made excellence stretch.

I wrote down song titles by Kanye West then cut each word from the page. The intent was to create poems with my voice, inspired by his words.

Fingernail polish was primarily used as the adhesive. I experimented with tape and did not particularly enjoy the results, still, I present them all to you.

A Skit. In Celebration of Jesus, brother to everything. Lift all hands. Friends. Wake the church. America walks. (Interlude) We will welcome all wolves.
Survive school lockdown in America. Get no story. The big news from Mr. Glory Digger. World famous monster. I am appalled.
Freestyle nightmares. West bound spaceship. Blame trip. Workout and breathe bitch. Lovedrunk I heard you say. All liquor gone. Heartless parties fade.
Let ’em see my new hell. Bring roses to my winter street. Gorgeous sky so low.
Skit Love Intro — Hey you lost girls love Paris. I’m high on heartbreak. My addiction. My coldest devil. Pt.1 Siiiiiiiiilver spirit in a black dress Pt.2 Lil mama hold me down. My morning fantasy. #3 We gon fly up, never homecoming.
I’ll drive home slow through flashing lights. Good touch, bad plan. I am hot of spirit. You make me wild. Gotta last. Breath. Call out. More. 2 late. FML.
The lights wonder. The lights care. The lights who say two words. The lights.
Dark diamonds in sight. I have no life. No way to stop intermission. That’s why I murder. Blood power. Leaves me stronger.
Skit, Better 2 Suffffeeeeerr. Welcome two new bonds: School Major. Crack Workout. Who will tell me, Don’t plan up new jamz. Spirit beam down words.
Father waves em off. Guilt game god. Runaway champion. Can’t slow down — Paranoid of Robocop.
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