Entry 48 - pictures continue (Kid Cudi Poems)

Day dreams of happiness cuz we have the moon.
Galactic Sabbath. (Nightmare) Mad Lord of Boredom. Trapped in the blooded world internal. Earth flight destination: Marijuana heaven worth resurrection.
Lonely SATELLITE. I fall to Copernicus in immortal speedin’ pursuit. My red tale bleeding. MELTING dreams burn.
Fuchsia fairy seance. (Nightmare) Post mortem landing angered red butterflies. Destroy your King. Erase the Mother Mind. Enter chaos. Lion wild’n. Ragefest. Going 2 burn out the world.
Troubled cunt. Judgmental bullet. Heart trauma. (Nightmare) Ashin’ cold ceremony. End bad connection. (Love Anthem) Mr. Unfuckwittable don’t care. Return 2 adventures.
Mojo MANIAC in a dope tux… The Man ’N’ Moon fade. I’m in FLIGHT. Hyyerr too. Love all night. Return to the worries afterwards. Solar wizard rager. Solo red sound anomaly.
Jeans on edge. T.G.I.F. (Bring my theme music) Mind Vs. Mood. My new zone and the GHOST! screwed my life and insides up. Nothing remains. Part with me. (Nightmare) Play any song, baby.
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