How to Invest the Time Before Your Course Starts

It’s done! You’ve finished your application project, aced your entrance interview, and signed on the last dotted line: You’re officially taking a Data Science bootcamp!

Now the question is: how do you make the most of the time before the course starts and ensure your success as a student?

If I have learned one thing in four years teaching data science with General Assembly, it’s that things that shouldn’t need saying are often exactly the things that have to get said to help students succeed. …

Note: Originally published as part of a series on token engineering at BlockScience

We live in wondrous and exciting times, on the edge of a shift no less significant than the personal computing revolution of the 1980s and 90s. The growth and development of open source, purpose-built networks on blockchain protocols creates an unprecedented opportunity to blend theory with practice, and realize whole socio-technical ecosystems from the ground up.

To recap the important points from the previous part of this series:

  • Blockchain protocols will become as central to daily life as the semiconductor
  • The networks built on those protocols provide an opportunity to design systems like credit that took centuries to evolve in organic…

Note: Originally published at Block Science

Now that the bloom is off the cryptocurrency rose, we can start to take a look at the long-term opportunities arising from blockchain technology. And the reality is that there is far more there than a cryptographically secure medium of exchange.

Blockchain will become as essential to our lives as the semiconductor.

Few people know the history of that revolutionary little device, beyond giving the name to Silicon Valley, but semiconductors are a transformative technology. …

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