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(A brief caveat so that no one mistakes political partisanship as the motivator for my comment on the article: You are living in a Potemkin Village democracy with one right wing capitalist party with two factions whose purpose it is to to give the illusion of choice in elections while doing the bidding of the corporate and billionaire oligarchy. And, this, by the way, is nothing new. “I don’t care who does the electing as long as I do the nominating.” — Boss Tweed.) Having said that, there is no doubt that the writer’s point here is a valid one. This is a country which is founded on dual genocides and which has made a fine art of racist thinking in the context of oppositional culture. Imagine, if you will, just for a moment, the Access Hollywood tape with Obama in Drumpf’s place. The verbal firestorm that would emerge from the right wing propaganda inferno would sweep through the nation like a thermonuclear blast with all the attendant O’Reilly like comments about “black culture.” For evidence of this hypothesis, please read through this thread for the miasmic expositions on the absence of racism, reverse racism, delusions of victimhood and other general ignorances. To go one step further, however, every time the issue of white privilege is raised racist knees will jerk, and we disappear into the noisome fog of AmeriKKKan racism while clutching each other’s throats. This argument has only one winner, the capitalist oligarchy which has always depended on the division of workers along racial, ethnic and religious lines. The average net worth of a single black female in the US is five dollars, a single white female 46,000 dollars. The former is barely surviving, the latter is becoming poorer and looking for someone to blame for her precarious economic position. Hence, our sad situation: the man with a dollar hating the man with a nickel while the man with a billion laughs at both. At some point, we must all meet at the intersection of our common economic interests.

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