How To Lure A Unicorn ( aka, “The Millennial”)

You are in the jungle. You are hunting for your company’s next hire and then you see it.

The coveted, “millennial.” You are scared because this class of worker is too wild for you to tame, but the rarity and talent are undeniable. Your company needs the rarity, as it has become stale.

But then you remember the negatives. These rare creatures are bold, they wake up late, stare in the lake too long (looking for that perfect reflection) and worst of all…they want to create their own work schedule.

They don’t want to pay their dues! These thoughts send you into a dizzying whirl.

It takes a few seconds but you regain your composure. You’ve been tasks to find the next hire for your social media efforts, whether you agree or not.

No-one in your organization understands things like The Facebook or Snap-Chate (isn’t that just used for sexting)?

So, here are the Top 3 ways you can lure the unicorn.

  1. Most millennials love candy and fresh juice. So, offer the creature something sweet to distract them.
  2. Treat unicorns like a rare prize. They are rare for a reason.
  3. Let them claim their territory. “They are peacocks, them fly!”

I hope these tips have helped you in your search for these mystical creatures.

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