My Mountain Photos

A Few Recent Shots

My desire to learn more about photography, specifically controlling light, is high, yet my time is nil. At some point I’m sure I’ll learn that I am not, nor will I ever be, a professional photographer, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t continue to learn more about my passion, right? Here are a few recent shots I’ve taken on the big camera…though I do a lot of my favorite shots on my iPhone 6.



This was taken on the d7100 with the 55–200mm lens on manual focus. The dog was tigger-pouncing around yard for no apparent reason other than it was a gorgeous fall day, so naturally I followed her for about 10 minutes. I really wanted to capture her pounce…At the 200mm focal length it was tough getting the proper manual focus, while also capturing her in mid-air. This is the closest I got. I think the white balance should be less gold, it’s a litle out of focus, and maybe cropped a tad too much, but this is one of my favorite shots due to the spirit that’s captured here. She’s such a fun dog, and will at times just go straight goofy and act a complete nut.

The Natural World

My Favorite Shots

I find a lot of inspiration in the plant world…I can shoot flowers and trees all day honestly. I like the process of finding something interesting in an everyday object. These items above can become mundane due to the frequency with which we see them. How often do we walk outside and really notice the intricacy of a cone flower, the light dancing on the golden leaves of a fall maple, or the beauty in a small crop of wildflowers? It reminds me to take a few moments to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me in these mountains, and why I have specifically chosen this land to call my home. Though these may not be the most spectacular or thrilling shots, it has afforded me good practice for editing and composing my shots. I enjoy the shot of the cone flower above, and did a fun mobile edit with the Mextures app on my iPhone 6 that was perfect for instagram. I have used the leaves and flower shots for advertising recently: The leaves for a social media post on High Country 365 and I have used the black-eyed susan’s for a web client, Mountain Advantage.


The Girls