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Abstract! Ha.

I guess so, but then again I guess not.

I live in one world but see many. I have long separated the abstract from the literal, now no longer.

I understand your concern. I appreciate your concern.

I’m loathe to tell you that I’m “alright”, because previous experience tells me that such a reaction precedes being “not alright”. I’m sure you resonate with this.

My humor has run away and holed up in a cabin somewhere, I miss it so — it balances out my seriousness — but I want you to rest easy knowing that in its place stands a sharp irony(it’s arrival being recent) that I could never have wanted but can now never do without

So yes. I am hurting. Yes, I am having troubling days and encountering troubling times. But for the most part I am still seeing, and through this irony I am writing, and through this writing( I may very well be enclosing myself in a very tight space) — I can guarantee you that I am looking out and foward.

Thank you for your Maw peice. It’s always nice having a new word(as well as a narritive substrate), to build another sandcastle of understanding for an old but forgetful feeling.

And as always, thank you for your interaction. I’m not such a fan of virginity, or firsts in general, but you’re mine. You were the first person to reach out, and it was nice to feel you reaching in.

I wrote an impression of you, and it’s just sitting waiting to be published. But I’m away from my computer for the next two weeks. I’m telling you because I’m always anxious about compliments seeming more like a custom than genuine.

I genuinely appreciate you.

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