A Humble Request From One Writer To Another To Perhaps

Thanks for directing me here Oliver Shiny.

My suggested peice is a bit of a Janus face; a piece of writing that I’m proud of… about other peice(s) of writing by another medium writer that I enjoy. It’s also already a kind of a summary. The following are my ‘impressions’ of another medium author, Jules, looking specifically at two of her long form pieces; Porn King & The Crass Epoch.

I’m confident that this is on the money of what you want; an example of my deliberate writing….communicating another’s deliberative writing, also.

I feel like medium can use more content like this, and so I appreciate your invitation because I think that it is about high-time. As with any algorithmic ‘feed’ there is an innately solipsistic tendancy to feed the selfish impression that quality content should always clearly advertise itself to you — and if it doesn’t appear, that can only mean that it isn’t there: Ah. The internet.