No, doesn’t have to. Often right wing or conservative positions see it as that. The ‘left’ don’t see it the same way in the slightest, otherwise the manifesto inference of the splits of left and right, would not be true. Which renders the logical fallacy in his argument anyway. So I could thank you for corroborating my position ☺
No, doesn’t have to.
Ethar Alali

Unsuprisingly, you are not talking about the left/right as it has been rendered in psychological terms, but in stereotypical renderings that fit you far left ideology. To start, I am centre left.

Be careful of screaming ‘fallacy’ unless you can’t speak in adaquete terms otherwise. The entire concept of ‘diversity’ (by non ideological means) describes a pool of people that are naturally different. ‘Equality’ describes a pool of people that are all the same. If anybody is an earnest proponent of diversity, regardless of which viewpoint/position they hold, then the a priori assumption is that people differ — and that sharing difference is important. Equality and diversity — in terms of sheer langauge — are diametrically opposed. If you hold that everybody is the same — ‘equal’ — then you can’t make any arguement for diversity.

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