“Music is the space between the notes.” — Claude Debussey

In most scales (the clusters of notes we use to make pleasing, cohesive sounding music) there are only 7 notes.

So many songs can be played with just four chords (I-V-VI-IV)…

How to invent and reinvent a successful innovation lab in your business.

In 2015 a report found that 38% of 200 of the largest companies in the world had innovation labs. But, according to that same 2015 report, an estimated 80–90% of those labs fail.

We believe innovation labs fail because they don’t find lab-business fit.

An innovation lab, with its foreign…

Amazon Alexa dominated CES with hundreds of other companies integrating the Voice Control into their products.

This is neat, but as the list of Alexa’s skills goes longer, it could also get bloated. There are things that work better when viewed on a screen, when touched or twizzled. …

I read Principles of Bot Design.

It made me think of these design principles we talked about at the start of a recent chat bot based project we did:

Motenashi principles (Japanese hospitality) should inform the experience of this product:

Anticipation of the other’s needs: The host should respond to guest’s needs before the latter feels such need himself.

Flexibility to the situation: Refers to the appropriate amount of formality or casualness respectively.

Understatement: The host should not display his efforts, in order to create a natural feeling for the guest.

Which I stole from here.

“We know our tank’s weaknesses, quirks, all the faults it’s going to have and how to solve them,” says Major Ridgway. “Sometimes all from a different engine noise.” …

No one has said anything for about 30 seconds. Not since the guy next to you spluttered out his thoughts, all hedges and apologies. He looks relieved. Job done. The rest of the room is shuffling awkwardly, heads bowed looking for inspiration from their shoes, the carpet, or maybe just…

It’s all about getting away from the touchscreen, and interfacing with the devices around us in more natural ways: haptics, computer vision, voice control, and artificial intelligence — What is Zero UI?


Interacting in a more natural way with our technology is, for me, a bit of a misnomer. I…

I’m a very goal oriented person, probably because I’m so into sports. And I mean into sports. I’ll set a goal, work towards it and meet it (or get injured, more often).

I’ve never set New Year’s Resolutions. I set goals for the year. Three of them. A life one…

It’s like that, and that’s the way it is — Darryl McDaniels, Joseph Simmons, Larry Smith, 1983

Let’s get one thing clear. Your industry will be disrupted. There are probably 10 start ups being funded right now who are going to shake up your business, take your customers and leave…

I’ve built a few websites, but I don’t know how to respond when someone asks me if I can code

What’s the minimum viable knowledge you need to say, “I know how to code?”

Can you code after attending Decoded?

What about when you were tinkering with the layout of your MySpace page (or your Geocities page, for that matter)?

Or when you built yourself…

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I help companies build the right products for their customers. I also run.

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