Training with Technology,

Gone those days of day long training under scorching sun. Thanks to the technology! Yes Major League Baseball team uses VR for batting practice, dallas cowboys last year followed by Tampa Bay Rays this year. Simulator by EON Sports VR known as icube which lets players step inside a virtual batting cage and practice their swing.Coaches says this VR tools improves the strike rate of batsman and believes more major league teams will be following this technique very soon.

“Nothing can replace the at-bat experience, But our technology enables players to maximize repetitions and their performance in the batters’ box “ Brendan Reilly, CEO of EON Sports VR said in a press release.

How Does It Work,

The Product gives you 360 Virtual Reality lessons from one of baseball’s greatest hitters, Jason Giambi. An pitcher standing on the pitching mound and throws the pitches in the same speed we see in the game.

As a metric, player’s real time decision of thrown pitches are being tracked based on which game score is calculated.

While some may welcome the use of tech, not everyone are fans of this change.