Love: Two minutes of disappointment

Written on behalf of all the shy people, those who are experiencing bad relationship, and those who are yet to feel love in the world.

These are just documentations of people i asked about their thoughts on love i wrote a long time ago in my diary(one 40 leaves exercise book like that) this words are original , you’ll never find them anywhere else on the internet. please dont cry.

me Being lonely every time is bad, i literally have no one to think of and no one thinks or care about me. it makes me so sad.

i want to invest my time, my energy, my greatness, my everything in someone,i want to love someone,i want to be with someone,i want someone.

A hug from someone is what i need,i am depressed. you’re the only one who can relief me of my stress.

one person is enough

no matter how sad, angry or emotional i might be, you are my weakness.

sometimes i feel like i’m going to be alone forever, you’re the only one who can change that.

the fear of not having the courage to tell you how i feel made me lost you.

i am missing a lot because i’m not experiencing true love

you are home,my home.

you are my best friend

i want to look you in the eye,hold you,kiss you, feel your energy and connect with your soul. it’s like being naked but with our clothes on.

i am human, i fall in love but not having the courage to say “HI” to the person i love makes me feel sad, being lonely is frustrating. love is what somehow give life meaning.

LOVE: this is what i’m yet to feel, something tells me it’s amazing when it’s right.

i believe in true love and that it exist, the only problem is it’s defined wrongly. true love is when you are self controlled and discipline to stick to one person.

if i date you, my goal is to marry you,build with you, grow with you, i’m not dating you to pass time, i see potential in you.

i want to be the type of person that kisses you on top of you head when i hug you .

deep down i’ve being dying to kiss you and i think i’ll be the best feeling in the world.

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