Why I’m starting 4kreport

I recently started a Technology focused internet magazine, 4kreport.com based in Owerri to cover all the tech happenings in south eastern Nigeria and Africa as a whole From Tech startups ,Tech meetups , to gadgets and everything related to the industry.

You see, every creations, ideas and solutions needs to be discovered, documented and shown to potential users who are facing the problems you are trying to solve and this is where the role of a Technology focused internet magazine like 4kreport comes in.

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s we witnessed the lunching of today’s major big companies like Amazon, Facebook, PayPal etc. Michael Arrington saw the need for a way to share information and to get people informed about these people and companies that were making waves in the burgeoning world of Web 2.0.

In 2005 Michael created Techcrunch an American online publisher of technology industry news tell the world about this new innovations.

In 2012 When Lagos also experienced a major boom in it’s Tech ecosystem, Bankole Oluwafemi and Seyi Taylor also saw the need to inform people about emerging startups and tech product erupting from Lagos so they made Techcabal to do just that, with over 700-1,200 tech start-ups in Lagos and Africa as a whole, documented.

Adewale Yusuf is also doing amazing things with Techpoint, telling the world about the technologies made in Nigeria.

The south-eastern Tech community is a developing one with potential to grow into a large ecosystem like Lagos ,Cape town, niarobi and of course Silicon valley, filled with promising people with Talents and emerging Startups solving real life problems but yet to gain traction.

Major developers groups are being formed ,Tech hubs are being built and big Tech events like Forloop owerri , Asapowerri, Owerri tech meet​up, and startupsouth etc. Are being organised for software developers , digital marketers, Tech enthusiast to learn about new technology and to learn about companies looking for new blood to hire.

4kreport is here to join or to be part of this development process and will be covering innovations, News, profiling startups, review your favourite hardware, and curating Events/meetups, with the passion for aggressive insights and coverage of today’s internet and popular Tech culture.

4k report will be carrying out surveys and data research to help Potential investors to understand how the eastern ecosystem works,who the big players are, and startups to invest in,

If you have any tips or want to contribute on 4kreport email us at hello@4kreport.com

You can pitch your startup, event and available jobs too. Email us at hello@4kreport.con

Connect with us:

Twitter: @4kreport

Instagram: @4kreport

Facebook: @4kreport

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