When Drake Bites, It’s A Crime But When Kendrick Lamar Does It, It’s Art?
Mr Thoro

@MrThoro you seem to be getting influence and biting confused. It’s one thing if Drake was influenced by these artists and came up with his own flow and rhymes but he doesn’t. He hops on whatever bandwagon that’s getting hot locally and then uses their flow and as if he came up with it. You could bring up how TPAB was influenced by whatever or that KRIT is hella influenced by UGK; but you can’t say that either one was out here stealing flows.

It’s seriously time for yall to accept that Drake is a popstar and stop with the bullshit articles trying to paint him as a MC, because the more yall do that the more yall fade away from what makes a MC dope in the first place. Do you seriously think Pac, Big, Rakim, Kool Mo Dee, Master Ace, and a bunch of other talented MCs that are respected in this game would have that respect if it came out that they had ghost writers and were constantly caught stealing flows? I’ll answer that for you, No. They would’ve been clowned and labeled trash. So what makes Drake any different?

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