This is what happens when we stop paying for quality journalism
Asha Dornfest

There’s some fantastic podcasts coming from our both our newest journalists entering the field and seasoned ones. Many have found it tough to get traditional careers, but are still finding ways to work by the standards set by the discipline of journalism. Podbay(dot)fm(backslash)browse(backslash)news-and-politics is a great resource. Thank you for reminding me to subscribe to my local newspaper. I’ve seen comments here about how crappy local papers are but they still are committed to reporting on the city council meetings, county issues and what impacts the community. I cut my teeth on writing obituaries and covering city council for a farm community. It may not be the New YorkTimes, but then again, it’s good it isn’t (unless you live in NYC). There are some terrific independent publishers in most communities, too. Also, find out when meetings are (local or even state committee meetings) and attend one or two a year.