Week 6

I’m into week six and we are starting rails. My initial impression is that the actual ruby code we will be writing is not that complicated. What will take some getting used to is the massive amount of methods we now have at our disposal as well as the database associations. Tonights assignment “shouldnt” be too complicated. We have been given some code for a blog app and we need to write some methods to update the database.(write some blog posts and comments)

Week 5 weekend assignment

For our weekend assignment we were to make a sinatra app with an Etsy gem that yanks data from the Etsy website and using CSS recreate the website. I got this one done just under the wire on Sunday night….honestly by Saturday morning I didn’t think I would get it done, and I probably would not have had my wife not been going to see Taylor Swift at the Georgia dome that night. You see the GA dome is not that far from the Iron Yard and she hates driving downtown…so since I have a parking pass to the parking deck here I told her I would just drop her off and I would go work on my assignment while she was at the concert and pick her up when it was done.

So after dropping her off I went to the campus and settled into my usual room. After about 30 minutes I heard the beep from somebody unlocking the door…It was 3 of the front end students here to solve my CSS woes!!! Actually there were also doing some late night hacking on their weekend project. After showing them my problem It took them about 2 minutes to show me where I was going wrong and I was off to moving the boxes around here is the result.

Where I was going wrong was that I did not realize the order you list things in your CSS code matters!! Basically the stuff at the top of your code contains the least specific rules down to the most specific.

Not the most beautiful website ever but its definitely the best looking one I’ve made to date.

As far as the code goes I spent most of Thursday and all day Friday turning the sinatra app into a highly over engineered monster…I didn’t think to take any screen shots but I was triple iterrating over stuff and doing things that I eventually took care of with some simple ruby code in the views file. Frustrating rabbit holes to go through but not necessarily a waste of time….at least I was coding.