Let the meninist sob stories fade away in the dark corners of 4chan, where they belong. It’s not interesting. It’s been done. It’s doesn’t sell. If we can make women’s narratives our focus, if we can make them heard as a matter of norm, then the next time an epic story is reinvented with a female (or POC or LGBTQ) lead, it just won’t be such a big deal.
How about a woman’s perspective on the Rogue One trailer?
Netta Bondy

I think you’re absolutely right that it’s important for young people to grow up seeing someone they identify with in movies and televsion. But is this really a big issue for women nowadays?

Perhaps I’m atypical, but I didn’t blink an eye at news that The Force Awakens had a female lead. I’ve grown up watching strong women onscreen…women like Sigourney Weaver, Jodie Foster, Gillian Anderson, Carrie-Anne Moss and Kate Mulgrew.

What I rarely saw were people I could identify with: gay men. If there are groups out there that truly need their stories told, how about POC? LGBTQ? Moreso than anyone, I think African Americans are criminally under-represented in film and television. The genre range in black cinema is so narrow, it’s laughable.

While I agree with you fundamentally, I think there are people out there who really need their voices heard now more than ever (especially in light of some of the horrific laws being passed in the US).

And yes, the man-babies can roast in their own bile in the dark corners of the internet. That’s definitely not interesting.

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