Marketing Design — How we improved our conversion rate at Highrise
Nathan Kontny

I love this post on so many different levels, and while I agree that it definitely makes Highrise more compelling, my concern is that it sells and positions something that is a real weakness of Highrise. As much as I love, use, and refer Highrise, the first thing I’ll tell people is that it’s not the solution for them if they want a sales-focused CRM. But that’s the “job to be done” that many people want their CRM to do.

Two questions, then:
1. How are you tracking churn, dissatisfaction, and non-adoption? Yes, more people are coming in, but is your stick rate dropping?

2. What are the plans in place to deliver on the job promised?

Full transparency here: I’ve submitted feature requests and feedback about the lead tracking capabilities of Highrise.

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