This bias towards craftsmanship is the heart and soul of the product and its primary differentiating value.
To the (Word)Smithy, Go!
William Glass

I love your response here on so many levels and this zinger sums it up nicely. As I’ve told my colleagues and community, writing on Medium is like writing in the halcyon days of blogging where the “science” of blogging was less known and we either focused on the art of writing or the art of conversations.

Blogging after 2010 zagged into a different beast and a lot of us went with it — it felt like one had to. But I think a lot of us yearned for the emphasis on great writing, thinking, and conversations that got traded in for better headlines, SEO, and content upgrades. (Not that any of those are prima facie bad, but it was a focus on different things.)

It’s humbling to cut my teeth again, but exciting that there’s a broader community who might appreciate the extra attention to the craft.

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