It was how our society adapted to it, optimizing direct, one-to-one communications in real time between a network of engaged colleagues.
Just Call.
John Battelle

I wonder, to what degree, the over-emphasis on getting some (measurable) shit done has disincentivized us to pick up the phone, build those soft but strong ties that form great relationships, and take more time making something better rather than just crossing off something on the To Do list.

And to what degree making everything some kind of performance you must succeed at has made us incapable of the uncertainty and ambiguity that happens when you’re running ideas by people, sight unseen.

The technology-fueled drive to be faster, better, and more efficient at everything, all the time, has a cost, for what can be measured will be managed and incentivized. But it’s those things that count most that we can’t count that we’re losing.