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There was talk for a few days of the media doing some self-reflection on what happened for this election. Alas, Trump’s “assault on Hamilton” (and theater, and free speech, and so on) has hooked them yet again.

In his CBS interview, John Stewart rightly pointed out that no one seemed to ask Trump what made America great, or, perhaps better stated, what would make America great. We’re still not asking that question.

You’re exactly right that we’re not talking as much about the conflict of interests. Or the $25 million settlement. Or the teenage girl who was threatened into silence. Or the allegations. Or the peril of having someone meeting with world leaders on insecure lines without having the transition training to really handle those meetings OR again the conflict of interests.

I understand the bind the papers are in: more people consuming equals more revenue and the 24/7 news beast must be fed. Both can be accomplished without simply magnifying the bright, shiny objects Trump dangles in front of us. (I say us here because we can do a better job of demanding better reporting.)