10 Reasons to Hire a Recent Grad

This #teamcharlie guest blog is written by the awesome Tom Davenport, Co-Founder at TalentPool.

There are firms which have built their growth strategies and ongoing success around hiring graduates. And yet there are others which are entirely bereft of young talent. At TalentPool, we champion graduates by highlighting the value they can bring to businesses. Here are 10 reasons why recent grads can prove to be superstar employees:

1. Energy

Anyone who has worked with graduates will know that they bring energy to a team that just can’t be found elsewhere. The world of work is new and exciting for a fresh graduate who will genuinely relish everything from new opportunities and responsibilities to work social events.

2. Stability

In an employment environment where it is increasingly common to move companies and even careers with (for us employers) alarming regularity, graduates can offer a certain predictability and stability which is important for building any team. While graduates are unlikely to stay for more than three years with their first job, it is also pretty universally understood that to leave your first job before having completed two years is not advisable.

3. Unformed

It goes without saying that graduates typically have very little work experience; as their ‘first employer’ you are able to shape a graduate’s development in a way that is simply impossible with a seasoned professional. Think back to your first 18 months of employment and you will remember how rapid the learning curve was. As an employer, you can set the direction of learning, meaning you quickly create an employee with high levels of loyalty and cultural alignment.

4. Choice

A graduate, irrespective of their academic background, will typically be eligible for a very wide range of jobs; naturally, as we progress through our careers, we specialise. And every year, a new cohort graduates, bringing a wave of fresh talent to the market. As a result, providing you source your candidates correctly, you will be able to choose from the full breadth and scale of graduate talent out there, far greater than would be possible for a more experienced hire.

5. Culture

Every business needs to understand their customers. Teenagers represent a huge slice of the actively consuming population and are an important customer segment for many businesses. What better way to understand this group than by hiring someone who only recently belonged to it — but having ‘graduated’ (both from university and from their teenage years) also brings the skills and maturity of someone that little bit older?

6. Eagerness

Graduates want to learn — and learn fast. Indeed, personal and professional development is the top objective of most graduates entering the world of employment. Salary counts for a lot, of course, as does culture, brand and so on. But a graduate job is all about setting yourself up for a future career; no other group of employees are more focused on learning. The result is a knowledgeable and capable team member in a matter of months — or even weeks.

7. Networks

A graduate comes with a ready-made network of university friends. This can give a business access to prospective partners and clients which would have otherwise been beyond reach. Very often the actual buyers of businesses services are as much at the junior or operational end of a business as at the top of the tree.

8. Cost

You can’t ignore this one — graduates cost less than more experienced members of the team. There is, of course, a limit — at TalentPool we recommend starting on a minimum of £20k and certainly nothing below the living wage — but the limit is, relatively speaking, low. If you can offer a rewarding work environment, exposure to new experiences and opportunities to progress then graduates can be a great way to improve your bottom line.

9. Digital

If you don’t have digital capabilities in your team, you might engage a digital marketing agency. Even better, hire a digital native. We are now at a stage where university graduates are digital natives — this year’s fresh graduates were typically born in 1995! So they grew up in the era of Twitter, Facebook and latterly Instagram and Snapchat; they get social media, and they instinctively understand digital marketing.

10. Calibre

Graduates aren’t just looking for salary — they are looking for the opportunity to progress and learn. If you can offer this — and small businesses are uniquely positioned here — then you may well be able to attract an individual of a far higher caliber than you would otherwise be able to afford; it is not uncommon for the brightest people in a company to be the most junior.

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