It works. It really works.

When an HR system can save more than just your bacon…

Here at Charlie, we‘re obsessed with employee data security.

Because we’re focused on preventing emergencies, it’s rare that we have any juicy real-life case studies to share, but today our CEO got an incredible email from one of our users.

We’ve taken out a few identifying details (#security), but otherwise it’s completely verbatim…

— — — — — —

Hi Rob,

I have to tell you this.

On Saturday, I was walking through the reception to my restaurant with my guests. A large number of immigration officers raided the building… (Literally raided… every exit covered, marched into the kitchen and told everyone to stop what they were doing etc etc… starting interviewing everyone).

I asked what was going on and they told me they had received a tip off about an illegal immigrant who we were employing as a kitchen porter.

I took them up to my office, showed them my staff file in which I keep signed contracts and then said to then, all other documentation, including passports, is on our online HR management system, called CharlieHR.

I pulled it up on screen and showed them, pulling a few random staff members passports up and explained how it all works, and that it is a written into our employment offer letter that staff must onboard to CharlieHR and upload their passport as a condition of employment.

By this stage, there were 12 immigration officers in my tiny office, warrant in hand… The lead officer look at my screen and said, “My word. I wish every company we went into was using something like this. What is this website?”

I explained it to him, told him it was free and fabulous and he just said, “I can see that you are doing everything by the book and believe this is a malicious tip off. Do you have a back exit we can leave by so as not to upset any customers?”

And they left!

Big shout out to CharlieHR!

— — — — — —

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