Social Media Roundup (No.1)
4 must-read blog posts from around the web

A new segment to the blog, Social Media Roundup collects some of the most popular and interesting social media articles from across the web and puts them in one place…right here!

This week’s articles look at: Facebook advertising tools, driving sales through Instagram, video marketing stats and visual marketing tips.

5 Facebook Advertising Tools That Save Time and Improve Your ROI by Larry Kim

In this post PPC pro and WordStream founder Larry Kim looks at 5 different tools you can use to manage your Facebook Ad campaigns more effectively.

One interesting third party tool that Larry mentions is AdEspresso, an easy to use reporting and analysis tool that allows you to test ads quickly and offers daily actionable suggestions to improve your campaign performance.

Follow Larry on Twitter at @larrykim for some great digital marketing tips as well as hilarious marketing memes.

How to Craft Instagram Posts That Drive Sales by Kate Talbot

For all you Instagram marketers this is a must-read.

Kate Talbot, Content Marketing Manager for Revfluence, talks about the tactics you can use to increase your engagement on Instagram.

Using examples from brands such as Nike, Prada and Tiffany who are all killing it on Instagram, Kate touches upon how best to design images that capture people’s attention, how to tell a story with your caption, hashtags, call to actions and why you should consider partnering with influencers.

You can connect with Kate on LinkedIn to read more of her articles on Instagram marketing.

Social Video Chart: Your At-A-Glance Guide To 7 Major Platforms by Martin Beck

Get ready to bookmark this article!

Social Media reporter, Martin Beck from Marketing Land compares the seven major social video players — YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and Tumblr.

The chart includes a side-by-side comparison of features such as video length, auto-play, embedding and analytics. There’s also a legend to explain how to read the chart.

For the latest social media news follow Martin on Twitter at @martinbeck.

Shake Up Your Marketing With Visuals — 10 Brands Share What Works by Donna Moritz

Visual Marketing pro Donna Moritz of Socially Sorted asked a load of brands how they “spiced” up their marketing with visuals and this was the result.

This post is full of actionable tips and real world examples, some of my favourites (that I’ll definitely be using) are:

  • Converting video to GIF for Google+
  • Uploading Previous YouTube videos direct to Facebook
  • Using SlideShare to drive a ton of social shares and exposure

Follow Donna on Twitter at: @SociallySorted for more visual content tips.

Final thoughts

There you have it, 4 must-read social media articles. Let me know what you think of this new type of post and if you want more of these social media roundups.

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