My First Day At Andela Boot camp.

On a Friday chilly morning somewhere in Nairobi I pack my old laptop into my bag as I take my last sip of coffee.Full of anxiety and thoughts whirling through my mind of what to expect , I gather myself ready for challenges ahead.It is my first day at andela boot camp.

I arrive at Andela and the environment is cool and so orderly, we pass through some gate checks and we’re directed to a room where we are to gather.The mood is tense approaching the room, on my mind am still thinking how cool the place is and how the people there are cool let alone the macbooks. Outside the room was some Tea I prefer to take water instead.I spot some empty seats and I head on to take one.

Not a matter of time the room is full and our Facilitators enter the room and introduce themselves.Our first facilitator to enter the room was Gibbs really cool personality and welcomes us to the whole process.We are left alone for sometime and then directed towards the playground to play a couple of Andela games.

For a period in weeks I hadn’t seen that kind of laughter and humor our facilitators had.They loved and enjoyed every bit of the games I being no exception.We gather round in a big circle and we get to play games together like for a moment all the tension goes and all we know is fun , I really love that kind of interaction and I love every bit of the games.

After the games its time to go back to work and we gather together in the same room and more facilitators introduce themselves and guide us through a couple of concepts , from the kind of interaction I realized a lot of people have a good programming background and its time to pull off my A game, we are expected to grasp concepts real quick we are all assigned to smaller groups managed by a facilitator to guide us through the boot camp.I get assigned to Joy’s team and she has such an amazing character and personality she made us feel home most of the times so I feel am on the right group.

We break for lunch and lunch is just awesome I order two pieces of chicken while being served and my friends laugh at me for pulling that kind of move.I make a couple of friends during lunch and people are warm and friendly I may say.

We head on for our afternoon session where its supposed to be self learning.We are assigned some tasks to complete during our home based self learning period.Am new to repository concept using git and git hub, but of course its do or die, we also tackle some small function problems while our facilitators guide us through the whole evening.

In the evening we break up and head home and I got a lot to still comprehend and I really get the feel of how boot camp is fast paced , you have to give all the best you can because a lot is expected of us and you have to exploit the potential in you to make it to fellowship.Lastly in all you do throughout the boot camp and rest of fellowship of course don’t forget the Andela values Integrity,Collaboration,Excellence and Passion.

Like they said it brilliance is evenly distributed but opportunity is not. Andela is a full time commitment.