Programmer Zone

Ever had of a computer scientist,programmer or software Engineer say he was in the zone?.For those who have never had the chance to code, in a few short words of my opinion let me explain what getting in the zone is.

Getting in the zone is the moment where your brain switches all the concentration on one task.You soon forget where you are,everything around you shuts down and even forget yourself.The only thing you know at the exact moment is what you are working on.

At this point if someone taps you at the back or touches you ,you will be suddenly be shocked from the zone confusing the tap or touch with a hit.Hope at this point you have pictured the idea of being in the zone.

Today is My home study Day 3 according to my Trello board and I encounter new stuff , this requires me to learn in a very short time and apply the concepts learnt on my Tasks given.I take almost Half a day learning Basic Css and Html which I use to create a simple web user interface.

I get caught in the zone and waking up I realize how time can fly and at this moment I realize how fast I need to become in whatever am doing.I remain with one lab, a binary search lab where you have to implement some concepts of oop. Things seems challenging but we push through them its what makes you better at the end of the day.

“If you want to make progress forget perfection , progress is the only measure of your progress”- charliemachoka.