Will the Real Racist Bigot Please Stand Up

Earlier this week Donald Trump accused Hilary Clinton of being in cahoots with the KKK because of her mourning of her mentor, West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd who was a member of the Klan. These allegations come from Trump came after Clinton had accused him of having support from David Duke and the KKK, and so the mudslinging continued. Although we see this constantly in elections, let’s take a look at some of the headlines that spewed out. Something to pay particular attention to, are the press headlines and their attempt of neutrality that imply Clinton and Trump are in the same category of bigotry. The Washington Post and Politico both published articles that stated they are both fighting over who is racist and who is not.

The dangers in trying to remain neutral are manifesting false equivalences. They are not equal in bigotry. It does not help Clinton’s case that her mentor was part of the KKK or that during her husband’s speech on a crime bill, she referred to the communities’ youth as “super predators” but it does help Trump’s platform. It helps because people don’t care if he is worse, and both he and his team know that. He’s crafted a way to get media attention through shock value and continues to do so. By balancing the plain field he becomes more effective in threatening Clinton’s chance of winning the election and headlines and articles that are trying to remain unbiased are his tool.