The one thing required for immigration to work in America

Stefan Molyneux, from a recent conversation on his Freedomain Radio call-in show:

“The one thing that is required for immigration to succeed is for a self-confident host culture. Then immigration can succeed. If America had a self-confident host culture — and it doesn’t because it’s been eaten from the root up by leftists and globalists and communists and socialists to be racist and sexist and homophobic and killed all the Indians…

The host culture has been crippled and turned into a self-loathing caricature of its former confidence. And this is true all throughout the West.

You cannot have successful immigration into a self-loathing host culture, because there is nothing to assimilate to. It all just balkanizes. Everything just fragments. There is no dominant culture, belief system, ideology, philosophy, whatever you want to call it. There’s no dominant mind system that allows people to integrate into a cohesive whole society.

In the 19th century America had enormous amounts of self-confidence — as did England. And there was immigration and emigration and so on. And you were damn well expected to conform and comply. And of course, in a sense you had to because there was no welfare state so you had to integrate economically or you just couldn’t survive. And as I’ve mentioned before, a third of people from Europe who moved to America in the 19th century ended up moving back because they didn’t like it.

Japan has a self-confident host culture. You go to Japan, you try lecturing them about their racism. They’ll just laugh and kick you on the next boat out. If you have a self-confident host culture, then you can have immigration.

It’s sort of like you could have a healthy relationship with someone if you have a positive self-image and you’re self-confident and expressive and honest. But if you’re some sort of self-loathing, co-dependent, narcissistic, masochistic — then you can’t have a healthy relationship. If you yourself are not healthy, you can’t have a healthy relationship. And if the host culture is sick, and is self-loathing, and has been turned against itself, then it cannot have a healthy relationship with its immigrants. The immigrants will look at it with contempt; will not want to join a self-loathing culture.

Can you imagine? Can you imagine saying to Hispanics: “Well, you’ve got to come and be like Americans.”

“What? Divided about race, self-hating, self-loathing, at war with yourself? I don’t want any of that.”

And this of course is the point. If you cripple the host culture and invite a lot of other cultures in, you shatter the cohesiveness of the country. You get MULTI-culturalism — which is where there’s no dominant culture, everything breaks up, fragments, becomes tribal, sets against each other.”

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