A first of many future memos that will feature my musings as I have the privilege of watching the future unfold creating consequences for markets and humanity.

My vision for these writings will be to take a snapshot of how I see the world at a point in time so…

It is a new year. And that means I have to set myself up to have another great year.

For the past 3 years, I have been starting the year by setting myself targets every 12 days, weeks and months. During the year it is difficult to see a significant…

Firstly, it is important to set the stage by making a couple of observations on the importance of community growth and how events/activations play a huge role in creating a successful and long-lasting brand.

Community driven growth is by far the most cost-efficient acquisition tool available when trying to drive…

Hello everyone,

I am excited to announce that we will be growing our team to help us keep up with the demand that comes with running our platform and growing the communities that we support.

Most of the roles are targeted at people looking to get their first taste in the gaming and eSports industry. You will be joining a team of 7 passionate gamers who love eSports and been involved since the early 2000's.

We love doing these internship programs because we get to help new blood enter the industry and we get to find talented people to hire. Almost 30% of our hires started as interns.

If you are interested in working with us check out our jobs page:


2018 gaming is a different place to where I started in 2005 with esports. I quickly fell in love with esports and I lived it. …

ESL - IEM Sydney.

From LANs in living room, to sports halls and now stadiums, esports is here to stay, and it’s for everyone. We are unlikely to see every gamer become a professional player, or even attend a LAN event as a fan.

500 Million people watch games every month on Twitch. For…

It is hard to believe that the Uproar.gg platform is less than 1 year old. Just last October our first quest was completed in League of Legends the only game on our platform.

In the 9 months since our launch we have added support for more games like League of…

So this is an introductory post about why I am starting to write a journal, what it will do for me and how it will hopefully impact others who read along.

Uproar.gg is a platform that helps game publishers and brands interact with their customers to improve loyalty and increase…

Charlie Meaden

CEO and Co-funder of Gembot.ai a systematic investment platform. Interests include but not limited to: Markets, AI, esports, Jiu Jitsu, game theory

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