10 Digital Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

Eighty percent of consumers research products online, making digital marketing a huge industry. To get your digital marketing strategy off to a great start, consider these 10 statistics:

1. Within two years, 71 percent of businesses will be on Instagram

Instagram currently has 400 million monthly users, and 70 percent of them search for brands. To make the most of this traffic, increase your Instagram presence with daily posts and brand-specific hashtags.

2. Digital marketing is projected to comprise 35 percent of marketing budgets by 2016

Content-focused inbound marketing is the direction of the future. Take advantage of increased spending by targeting the digital channels your audience favors and creating content for those platforms.

3. Sixty percent of B2B marketers measure success by web traffic analytics

Companies are increasingly using web metrics to keep an eye on their success. Have your digital marketing analytics tools ready to go before 2016 rolls around.

4. Sixty-seven percent of Twitter users state they’re likely to buy a product from brands they follow

Twitter users purchase products from brands they follow. To make the most of your following, automate your tweets and refresh content several times daily.

5. Leads gained through SEO boast a 14.6 percent close rate

SEO-lead traffic closes at a much higher rate than outbound-lead traffic does, so it’s a smart move to focus on SEO-focused content and social media sharing.

6. Posts with more than 1,500 words earn 68.1 percent more tweets

Compared to posts under 1,500 words, content that weighs in at 1,500 words or more garners more tweets and 22.6% more Facebook shares.

7. The average consumer watches 204 minutes of video daily

This viewing is split equally between television and web-based video. To take advantage of this, focus on creating more high-quality visual content in 2016.

8. YouTube is now the second-largest search engine in the world

This makes it more powerful than Yahoo, Bing, AOL and Ask combined. With this in mind, establish a brand presence on YouTube and start developing a video content calendar.

9. Google users initiate 100 billion searches each month

Google is a massive source of web traffic and marketers can benefit from this by focusing on SEO and social sharing platforms.

10. Twitter users are 1.4 times more likely to interact with a brand after seeing a promoted Tweet

Twitter’s new Conversion Lift service allows brands to track their promoted tweets and measure user interaction. Promoted Tweets perform better than regular tweets do and should be a part of every digital marketing strategy.

Keep these statistics in mind to ensure your digital marketing plan is a success.

Charlie Riley is a marketing, business development and communications professional with experience across multiple industries. Follow Charlie on Twitter at @charlieriley or connect on LinkedIn.

This was originally published here on LinkedIn on November 3, 2015.